Name plaques have become an important part of childhood bedroom design. These gorgeous pieces speak of individuality and signify your child’s very important place in the makeup of your family. But what’s so important about them? And why are they fast becoming such a popular décor item?

Name Plaques for Children’s Bedrooms

The presence of name plaques is so much more than a beautiful design piece on a wall or door. They’re a key way to forge out a space in your home that will help your child establish their own identity and sense of self. Their room is their own. A place to find comfort and solace. A reliable touch stone in a world that, so often, can be overwhelming and confusing as they process new feelings and events. It’s the place where they can relax, play and recover from their busy little lives. It’s where stories are read, songs are sung and endless snuggles are shared.

Identity is Important

Young children are ensconced in vital stages of identity formation. At this young age, it’s all about seeing themselves as an individual, separate to their parents and siblings. It’s about establishing boundaries and identifying and exploring who they are as little people. Using a name plaque in a bedroom helps them to forge those links. They can and will see the room as theirs as they come to terms with the idea of who they are. Having an identifiable place in the world can help them to be both comfortable in their space as well as give them the courage to explore, question, test and challenge the world around them. The work you’re doing on helping them develop their cognitive and literacy skills can be enhanced by helping them attach their identity to their own special space. This will help your child or children to come to terms with the idea of being their own entity and having an individual identity within your broader family.

Choosing a Name Plaque

Making your name plaque selection is important and should be done in conjunction with your child’s interests as well as your own design aesthetic. There are a wide range of name plaques to choose from that offer you the opportunity to select a product that will help your child feel comfortable within both their own space and their own burgeoning identity.

Personalisation and Differentiation

We want to encourage and support children to be themselves. Choosing the right name plaque is but one step on the journey to developing a strong sense of identity.

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July 10, 2019 — Vanessa Berryman