Save time browsing the internet for nursery decor ideas, we’ve put together this handy guide containing the best nursery decor trends for 2020. Whether you are looking for DIY ideas or whole themes, we have ideas for any taste. We've categorised these nursery decor trends into our 4 top themes to make your decision a little simpler.

1. Tropical 

This beautiful theme relies on some statement wallpapers and wall art. Choose oversize tropical and botanical prints with the inclusion of jungle animals to give it that playful feel. Mix it with modern and vintage natural material furniture and rugs. 

tropical baby nursery

2. Delightful & Dark

It is often said that a nursery decorated in a dark colour scheme could give the room a feeling of being small and negative, but in reality what you get is a calming feel which emphasises the key pieces within the room. Choose large print wallpapers with a dark grey/blue background and gold accessories which will really add that extra aura of zen to the room. 

3. Classic Rainbow

Choose any utilitarian in white e.g.. furniture, curtains, blinds, bedding to give a blank canvas, then choose decorative items in all shades of bright colours. Rainbow cushions, bright prints and frames in luminescent colours will help create a friendly and upbeat feel. 

4. Green & Glamorous

Think all things green and living - or not so alive as many of these botanical are in fact artificial, for safety and easy of maintenance! Choose white or pale neutral wall colours and add in anything wooden, wicker or painted white. Monogrammed items are very fashionable at the moment, so adding in your child's initials in an ornament would give a really special touch!

We understand how exciting it can be for new parents when decorating their nursery in preparation of their bundle of joy. Save time searching across the likes of Pinterest for nursery decor ideas and check out our products for inspiration. 

March 02, 2020 — Vanessa Berryman