From the moment their little one is born, parents naturally start to anticipate their baby’s next moves and major milestones - when will they first smile, when will they learn to roll over, sit up and crawl? However, when it comes to play gyms, there’s no time like the present to get one for your little one. Perfect for inspiring babies from just a few months old, a baby play gym offers visual stimulation, an introduction to new sounds and textures and helps with motor skill development. What are you waiting for?

Motor skill development at play

As babies start to learn how to control their arm and hand movements, they will begin to discover how much fun it is to grab at things and bat at them with their little fists. These types of movements not only aid in muscle development in their arms, hands and fingers, but also provide mental stimulation as they start to learn how to track moving objects with their eyes. A wooden play gym is the perfect way for parents to help their child to develop all of these skills and introduce them to new sounds and textures at the same time. As newborns become more curious and aware of their surroundings, they will find great joy in their new play gym and delight in their newly developed skills. And when your little one starts to crawl around and sit up, the hanging accessories can safely be removed from the gym and be used as handheld toys as well.

Safe sensory delights

Babies delight in being able to explore different textures, movement and sounds as they constantly learn more about the world around them. Little ones will love listening to the woody sounds of the beads and toys banging together, clasping onto the beaded rings, and mouthing the certified teethers that are all a part of this beautiful play gym package. Made from all natural, non-toxic silicone and wood, rest assured that our play gym toys are super safe for baby.

Beautiful baby toys that you’re proud to show off!

It’s inevitable that once you have a newborn, your home can become overrun with all kinds of unsightly toys and necessities. However, Petit Luxe Bebe offers gorgeous options for new parents who don’t want to compromise on style. That’s why the deluxe wooden baby play gym is the perfect stylish statement piece that you won’t have to hide from your guests. Made with the highest quality silicone and beechwood beads, the colour combinations are customizable to work with any nursery or playroom decor.

Quality, hand crafted products for your little one

Made from Australian hardwood and hand crafted in Victoria, Petit Luxe Bebe has the most beautiful baby play gym Australia has to offer. With quality materials and construction that’s second to none, you can rest assured that you’ll be giving your baby the best start in life with these and other luxury baby gifts and essentials.

For gorgeous baby play gyms and more, browse our complete range today!

June 22, 2019 — Vanessa Berryman