Flowers are a beautiful part of life; they symbolise happiness, they represent beauty and joy. They are delicate and shine with quiet grace. These are also the things we love about babies which is why we think flower crowns for babies are the perfect match.

Flower crowns for babies are steeped in tradition

Considering what flowers represent, it’s not surprising that flower crowns have been around for centuries, right back to Ancient Greece when flower crowns were worn to honour the gods. Queen Victoria is well known for bringing the flower crown trend to Europe when she wore one for her wedding to Prince Albert adorned with orange blossom. There are few traditions left these days, so it is lovely to see flower crowns embraced for what they represent.

A flower crown for all occasions

These days, flower crowns for babies are the perfect accessory to add something extra special yet understated. For first photos, this Kiara Floral Headband is ideal for newborns with its soft headband and sizing. For new mum photos, these Mummy and Baby matching set will create an unforgettable moment. We love these Lilac, Peach and Pale Pink Floral flower crowns, for christenings, first birthdays and weddings. For an adored baby shower gift, the Tiffany Floral Headband is perfect because it can be worn from newborn through to teen; a special keepsake.

Flower crowns grow with baby

Flower crowns bring just the right amount of whimsy while letting your baby’s little personality shine through. Flower crowns don’t just have to be for special occasions though, bring the positive vibe of flowers into every day, even if you’re just going for a trip to the park! Just be prepared for lots of positive attention. And one of the best things about flower crowns? They double as nursery décor; hang them on the wall like a wreath to add a little boho to the nursery. As much as we love real flowers, these ones will bring you everlasting joy. You can’t deny, flower crowns for babies are absolutely adorable, pair that with a flower crown for mummy and it’s as precious as they come. For a little girl, flower crowns are timeless. From newborn to teenager, a flower crown will be used for plenty of special moments. And when your baby isn’t a newborn anymore, pull out that flower crown and indulge in some dress-up play, you’ll be making precious memories all over again.

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April 19, 2019 — Vanessa Berryman