Before their new bundle of joy arrives, every mother envisions a beautiful and peaceful nursery for their little one. However, it doesn’t take long for baby’s little haven to turn into a game of Tetris while Mum tries to find just the right spot to store all of the necessary baby supplies, books, toys, gifts, clothes and endless hand-me-downs from well-meaning friends and family. Nursery storage is a huge challenge for new mums but Petit Luxe Bebe has you covered. These beautiful, yet practical storage solutions will keep your baby’s space organised and looking fabulous.

Think outside of the box when it comes to nursery storage

Woven baskets are in every home décor magazine these days and for good reason - they’re stylish, versatile and add a natural element to any room - including the nursery. These beautiful painted seagrass baskets or adorable stacking suitcase sets are perfect for holding smaller items that look messy when left lying out - like nappies, wipes and washcloths – all of the items you’d rather not have on full display. Hide the clutter in the bottom of the basket and set a beautiful folded blanket or decorative cushion on top and no one will know the difference! 

What to do with all those soft toys?

It’s inevitable. Even with the best intentions, soft toys of all shapes and sizes will slowly start to take over the nursery and you will be tripping over these fluffy little furry creatures every time you walk into the room. As cute as they are, this isn’t the look you were going for when dreaming of the perfect nursery. Thankfully, Petit Luxe Bebe has all of the nursery storage solutions you’ll need to contain these little critters. For smaller items, these wicker wall storage baskets are the perfect solution. Use one on its own or group them in 2’s or 3’s to make more of a statement (and to contain more of the critter clutter). For larger furry friends, these playful pom pom storage baskets are the perfect solution and add visual interest to the room as a bonus!

Keep clothing clutter under control

Between all of the gifts, hand me downs, and not to mention all of the stock piles of clothing you’ve purchased yourself for your little one, it often feels like babies have a bigger wardrobe than their mums do! When it comes to nursery storage for clothing, easy access to pieces in bigger sizes is necessary for when it seems baby has jumped up a size or two overnight. For an unexpected way to store and organise all of those onesies, these super cute Eef Lillemor folding storage crates are an obvious upgrade from plastic storage bins and are available in beautiful hues to work in any nursery. And the best part is that they fold up when not in use so you can pack them away until you need them again.

For more luxury nursery storage and décor inspiration, browse Petit Luxe Bebe’s complete collection of baby essentials today.

May 07, 2019 — Vanessa Berryman