With all of the necessary practical purchases that are par for the course when welcoming a little one to the family, decorating the nursery is one area where mums can let loose and have some fun. Bedding, wall decor and rugs are the usual go-to items for nursery decor, but nursery cushions are another fabulous way to add some creativity and personality to your child’s room.

From whimsical to chic, Petit Luxe Bebe has an impressive range of gorgeous cushions for both comfort and style. Whether you want to make your child’s nursery look sleek and sophisticated, or cosy and comforting, cushions can give any room an instant makeover.

Chic and sophisticated choices

Decorating a nursery doesn’t have to be limited to decor pieces that scream “baby.” By choosing chic and sophisticated pieces in neutral colours, the nursery cushions will be able to work with your child’s bedroom decor for years to come. This custom tulle bow cushion is the perfect addition to your little one’s room and the neutral colours make it a timeless piece suitable for both younger and older children. This knot cushion combo pack is another great option for parents looking for decor pieces that add an element of simple sophistication. Choose a neutral colour for a more subdued palette or go bold to make a statement. Either way, this set of nursery cushions is sure to get noticed!

When it comes to cushions, one is never enough

When decorating with cushions, there are endless ways to layer and mix and match to add depth and visual interest to a space. Whether you are aiming to coordinate nursery cushions with existing decor or hoping for a completely new look, Petit Luxe Bebe has you covered. Pair bold patterns with neutrals, and layer textures to give the space a polished, yet inviting feel. Combine playful shapes and varying sizes to make the nursery feel less formal and more fun. Start by choosing one of these gorgeous patterned pom pom cushions and add in a solid coloured tassel knit cushion (or two!) to bring in additional colours and texture. Throw in some fun shapes like this beautiful heart cushion or these sweet star cushions to complete the look.

Nursery cushions that spark inspiration

While some new mums have dreamed of their child’s nursery for years, others aren’t quite sure where to start when it comes to styling their child’s space. It’s often helpful to choose one of two pieces that you love and use them as inspiration for the rest of the room. For example, if you love this adorable cloud cushion set, use it as a jumping off point by pairing it with accessories like this soft and fluffy tulle cloud mobile and this gorgeous unicorn princess doll. Include one of these luxurious pom pom baby blankets and this whimsical pom pom storage basket to tie it all together. By combining these beautiful elements, you’ll look like a decorating pro!

View Petit Luxe Bebe’s full range of nursery cushions and other home decor essentials and start styling the nursery of your dreams today!

May 22, 2019 — Vanessa Berryman