Often the importance of dolls for toddlers and how they can promote development is undervalued, particularly when a doll is soft. In fact, soft and durable dolls are much more enjoyable for a child to cuddle and play with than a rigid plastic doll. Just imagine cuddling something plastic?  Not only are soft dolls great cuddle material, but they’re also perfect for calming and soothing, and for being a comforting friend.

Durable dolls for toddlers don’t have to be plastic

Just because a doll is soft, doesn’t mean it is any less of a doll than its plastic counterparts, in fact, soft dolls are more durable. Take our Amelie doll, for example. Her legs might bend backwards and sideways like a contortionist, or she might be thrown from the top of the stairs because, all of a sudden, she’s a bird, but she’ll still maintain her cute and cuddly where other dolls can break apart causing unwanted hazards. Soft and durable dolls for toddlers that can be easily manipulated are so good for the imagination and encourage open-ended play. If a child wants to make the sweet Audrey Doll sit to have a cup of tea, it’s possible. If a child wants to make this Alimrose Superhero Doll sit in a car and go racing, it’s possible. If a child wants to re-enact the scene in Alice in Wonderland when Alice gets stuck in the house, they can do it in their dollhouse with the bendy Pippa Doll.

Role play and emotions

Dolls have the amazing ability of helping toddlers and older children manage the big emotions they experience during different developmental milestones. Role play with dolls is a huge factor in childhood development, it allows children to act out their emotions with their dolls in a safe way and in their own space. Dolls also allow children to practice learned behaviour through role playing. They might do this by carrying, feeding and rocking the doll, just like their parents do.

Doll safety

In addition to the educational and developmental benefits of dolls for toddlers, there’s a definite difference between the durability and safety of soft dolls and plastic dolls. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission points out that with plastic dolls, removable limbs and heads can be a choking hazard and children can cut themselves on the brittle plastic material. The benefit of soft dolls is that they’re not only durable, they’re limbs and heads aren’t removable, and there is no risk of brittle plastic. Buying dolls for toddlers and older children should be enjoyable, not worrisome. Simply keep in mind how long you’d like the doll to last, safety and how you’d like the doll to encourage your child’s development, and your decision will be easily made.

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April 03, 2019 — Vanessa Berryman