As retailers of what we consider to be the best nightlight for toddler’s rooms, we’ve heard plenty of stories of families going through the challenge of trying to get their toddler into a sleep routine. Often there’s no apparent reason for them not wanting to fall asleep or for them waking up during the night. For many children though, it can be that they have a fear of the dark which is a completely normal part of childhood development from around two years old right up to 12 years old.

How to deal with your toddler’s fear of the dark

Although this fear of the dark is a normal part of development, it’s a good idea to address the fear now, otherwise it could get worse and further affect sleeping habits. One of the most important things is to make your child feel safe and take their fear seriously. Let your child know that it’s normal to be scared of the dark and that you understand it’s hard when you can’t see. Try not to assume you know exactly why they are afraid of the dark, it could be the simple fact that they can’t see or it could bring back thoughts of a nightmare they once had.

The best nightlight for a toddler’s room

The simplest way to make your child feel safe in the dark is to get them a night light. We have string night lights in a variety of different colours to help allay your child’s fears. For older children, they might like a personalised nightlight with their name on it. These are the best night lights for toddler’s rooms because they have a soft light which won’t interrupt sleep, and our nightlights give your child control over turning the switch on and off.

Other ways to reduce fear of the dark

In addition to our gorgeous nightlights, consider minimising any shadows in your child’s room because we all know how children can conjure up big imaginations. Also, make them feel as comfortable as possible; one of our comforters or soft toys can help your little one feel snuggly and secure. Nightlights really can be a family saviour. They help little people transition into sleeping on their own and help fearful toddlers get to sleep because they can see. When you’ve found the best nightlight for your toddler’s room, it’ll mean your whole family will get better sleep.

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March 24, 2019 — Vanessa Berryman