Congratulations Mama, your winter baby is on the way!

If you’re bringing your bundle of joy home in the cool and crisp season, you’re treated to a whole lot of wonderful (and ridiculously cute!) newborn bits and pieces. We’ve compiled a list of our favourite seasonal must-haves for your little snowflake to make this winter a warm and cosy one:

Bencer & Hazelnut LOVE BUG Jumper 

Keep your little love bug warm and cosy this winter in this snuggly LOVE BUG jumper by Bencer & Hazelnut. Available in three stunning earthy colours, these jumpers come in ins size 0000, 000 and 00.

Hooded Baby Bath Towels

Bath time is a special and calm moment of your every day with baby… that is, until it’s time to get them out of the warm water! Keep them toasty warm from the bath to their pyjamas by wrapping them up in a cosy hooded towel. Hooded bath towels are absorbent and warm and can be wrapped tight like a swaddle to keep your baby relaxed and comfortable. We have plenty of patterns and brands to choose from.

Diamond Knit Baby Blanket

Nothing says warm like a soft, cosy blanket. Your baby will appreciate a Diamond Knit Blanket as much as you will in the cooler seasons. Use it as a cot blanket, or as a snuggly comforter when out and about. Baby blankets are also a beautiful heirloom that your child will have for years to come. We love the Hazelnut, Olive Green and Mauve blankets in particular for winter babies.

Merino Baby Bonnet & Booties

Baby bonnets and booties are a must-have in any season as baby heads and toes are extra sensitive to the cold. That’s why it’s even more important to retain warmth in winter. We love the soft and toasty merino wool bonnet and booties sets. The colours are so sweet and they are perfect for keeping little baby toes and ears warm all season long.

Luxe Velvet Storage Range

We love a velvet furnishing as much as the next person (read: a lot!), but our Luxe Velvet Storage Case Sets hit different in winter! These gorgeous sets are the missing piece to any nursery and complement the season so perfectly with their lush finish and rich colours. Store anything and everything in them for your little one. These are pieces you’ll treasure for a lifetime!

Pregnant and due with a Winter Baby? 

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July 20, 2021 — Vanessa Berryman