Bath time is a special moment you and your baby will share.

Most newborns love the warmth and sensation of the bath, and by creating the right environment with the right supplies, this time can be relaxing for you and bub to bond over.

If you’re a new parent, bath time can be daunting. The most important thing to remember is to be attentive, have plenty of time, and make sure everything you need is within close reach.

We’ve put together a short and simple guide for a newborn and baby bath time routine that we hope helps you and your bub!

Quick Things to Note

- Newborns generally only need a bath a few times a week, although there is no wrong or right amount – more frequently may work better for you and your baby.
- You can bathe your baby in any room that is warm, safe and clean. You might find the kitchen sink is easiest when your baby is small, and then eventually a plastic baby bath or a bath seat in your full-size bath.
- You can shower with your baby – just keep their face away from the water and only use warm (not hot) water. This may be better as they get past the newborn stage.
- Avoid using soap when washing your baby – their skin dries out very easily. If absolutely necessary, use a gentle, fragrance-free, baby-specific soap.

The Perfect Newborn & Baby Bath Routine

- Switch your phone off/on silent so there are no distractions. Try and relax into the moment and allow enough time so that nothing feels rushed or unfinished. Remember that this is a routine to be enjoyed, so give it the space and time you and your baby need!

- Make sure you have everything you need in reach. Most importantly a towel, face washer/cloth, any creams your baby may need, a clean nappy, clothes, and a dummy in case your baby needs soothing.

We’ve listed some of our favourite bath products here:

- Position the bath at a comfortable level for you and somewhere it is safe and stable.

- Fill the bath with warm water. Do not overfill the bath. Test the temperature before submerging your baby into the water – it should not be hot. While the water fills, undress your baby.

- Cradle your baby and gently lower them into the water, feet first. Keep a close hold on them at all times. Make sure their head is supported.

- Wipe your baby’s face gently with a cloth first (never put their head underwater). Make sure to run the cloth in any body creases (under their neck, underarms, etc.) to properly clean them. Gently wash the rest of your baby, leaving their genitals and bottom until last. Babies generally only need to be in the bath for 5-10 minutes.

- When your baby is clean, transfer them carefully to the towel (ideally lying flat close by). Wrap them and pat dry, especially taking care to dry in body creases. Once dry, apply nappy cream as necessary.

- Dress your baby in nappy and comfortable clothes.

- When your baby is calm and settled, you can go back and empty the bathwater.

Feeling more confident about your baby's bathtime?

We hope this post makes bath time a little easier for you and bub! If you’d like to take a look at our other essentials for mums and bubs, take a look HERE!


July 19, 2021 — Vanessa Berryman