What New Mums really want for Christmas this year

Being new to motherhood is both challenging and stressful. New mothers go through a rollercoaster ride of emotions postpartum. Between sleep deprivation, no time for self-care, and having to adjust to the body's physical changes, the 4-6 months after birth is always tricky. New mothers need extra love and care during this time. So, where you can, make an effort to spoil and shower the new mum in your life with love and support.

Of course, there are many ways to show support to new mothers. For example, helping with the baby, lending a hand to meal prep, or cleaning the home, but with Christmas on the fast approach, a Christmas gift can be just the thing to add a little joy to her life and let her know she is appreciated. However, choosing a Christmas gift for a new mum can be challenging. For example, after receiving flowers on flowers after birth, you want to make sure you get her something sentimental that she can cherish or a gift that will add a little sparkle to her life. 

We've made it easy and put together a list of the ultimate Christmas gift ideas perfect for new mums.


We feel you. Buying a Christmas Gift for new mums can be a little bit burdensome, especially if you don't know what to give them. But, something personalised like Santa sacks will surely put a smile on their faces. It is unique, practical and can ignite the inner child of a new mother. 

You might also want to consider getting one for each member of the family. It will be the perfect Christmas gift to be enjoyed by the whole family for years to come.


A Photo Memory Book is one of the top-tier gifts on a new mum's Christmas gift list. A Photo Book is a Christmas gift that will be cherished for a lifetime. Capturing precious memories and then creating a book will have the new mum in your life full of gratitude for the tiny human she has created and to you for giving her such a wonderful gift. 


First-time mothers like to reminisce and treasure each moment of their experience. So consider gifting them a journal to write the sweetest memories each and every day (time and energy levels permitting). 

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Mothers not only deserve a gold medal for doing what they do. They also deserve time for a self-care regime that will leave them feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. New mothers especially have a bad habit of thinking they don't deserve time to themselves now that they have a baby in their care. But we're here to tell you that if a new mum isn't looking after herself first, then she's not going to be showing up as her best self for her little one. We don't want that. So instead, we should appreciate and spoil these new mums with a product or service that will help fill their cup. Think massages, pedicures, or something as simple as a bath bomb and an hour of your own time to take the baby out for a walk to give mama a bit of quiet time to relax. 


New mums are more than likely spending a lot of time at home. At least for the first few weeks after birth. So with the 'oversized' clothing and loungewear looks on-trend at the moment, you could surprise her with a stylish new set to rock this Christmas. 

If you're really struggling to find a suitable Christmas gift, you can always go with:


An E-Gift Card is one of the most versatile gifts a new mother can receive. Sometimes, new mothers have something they want in their minds, may it be for themselves or their baby. By giving them an E-Gift Card, they will have the freedom to choose and buy something they want instead of receiving something that may very well end up in their re-gifting pile. 

On the practical side, these digital gift cards are more convenient for new mothers who might not have the confidence to tackle shopping in-store with a newborn yet.

So let us reiterate. Spoil the new mum in your life this Christmas. The chances are that she's going through all of the postpartum emotions. From feeling like she's not doing enough. To body insecurities and the relationship struggles that come naturally after another family member is born. Remind her of the fantastic job she's doing. And that you respect and support the heck out of her. 

Help make her first Christmas with her new baby a memorable one.

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September 11, 2021 — Vanessa Berryman