We all want our baby's first Christmas to be a memorable one. So it makes sense that you want to spoil your little love or your best friend's new family addition. But where do you start? 

Christmas Gift Ideas For Baby

Choosing gifts for babies 12 months or younger can be a little intimidating, especially if the gift isn't for your child. In addition, you're seeking a present that both the baby and the parent will enjoy. Of course, when it comes down to it, you could wrap an empty box with some pretty ribbon, and the baby would be impressed, but gaining the parent's approval is a whole other story.

If you're buying for your child, we say take advantage of the age where you can still buy gifts based on your tastes and styles. Soon enough, your home will have an overflow of lego pieces and crazy fad toys, and you'll hear nothing but 'Let it go' on repeat for what seems like an eternity. So, we repeat, take advantage of aesthetically pleasing and educational gifts while you can.

When you start your Christmas shopping, keep in mind that the best way for your child to learn is through play. Nursery decor and sensory toys are a great place to start. So we've listed five sensory and educational items that will make perfect presents for a baby's first Christmas.


Educational wooden toys such as stackers and blocks are always a good idea for presents for a baby's first Christmas. Babies delight in exploring different textures, movements, and sounds as their skills are rapidly developing.

In particular, the Silicone Stacking Rainbow and Silicone Stacking Tower Toys are both crowd-pleasers. Both act as teethers, stacking toys, and aesthetically pleasing nursery decor items wrapped in one gift. Sign us up!

You can shop the entire range of Petit Luxe Bebe educational toys here.


Another gift that parents will appreciate as much as their babies are books! Books, in general, are always a good idea, but for the younger baby, sensory books are presents that are sure to please. 

Sensory books contain tactile and sensory activities designed to stimulate little ones and promote fine motor skills. Thus, sensory books are the perfect Christmas gift for a baby and a great addition to the nursery decor.


As babies start to learn how to control their arm and hand movements, they will begin to discover how much fun it is to grab at things and bat at them with their tiny fists. These exercises aid in muscle development in their arms, hands, and fingers and provide mental stimulation as they start to learn how to track moving objects with their eyes.


Wall decals act as more than just beautiful nursery decor additions; they also act as visual stimulation for your little one. Adding nursery decals are an inexpensive and aesthetically pleasing gift for both parents and baby.

Nursery decals aren't limited to stickers. Think prints, textured animal decals, mirrors, clocks, and even canopies.

Visit the Petit Luxe Bebe range of nursery decals here.


The first few months of parenthood are the hardest. Waking up 3+ times per night isn't an ideal situation. When the baby wakes during the night, the last thing you want to do is turn on the lights. Doing so will alert the baby and stimulate him into thinking it's time to wake up. No one wants that at 1 am. Incorporating a night light into the routine from the get-go will benefit everyone involved. Better yet, investing in a night light that has aromatherapy and white noise features will have everyone praising such a thoughtful gift.

Our number one night light recommendation is the Aroma Snooze.

The Aroma-Snooze is widely used to assist:

*Positive Bedtime Routine  

* Falling Asleep  

*Longer Periods of Sleep  

*Deeper Sleep  

*Separation Anxiety 

* Behaviour  



*Day Naps  


*Improved Air and Breathing   

* Self Settle  

*Early Risers  

* Sleep Regression

Read more on the Aroma Snooze here or visit the entire night light range here. 

As far as gifts go for newborns and new parents, a nightlight is a Christmas gift not to look past.

Christmas Gifts For Babies That Keep On Giving...

Learning through play is the best gift you can give to a baby. So keep that in mind when you're shopping for presents for a baby's first Christmas. 

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November 05, 2021 — Vanessa Berryman