Prepping for bub’s arrival can seem a little overwhelming.

Okay, HUGELY overwhelming.

We get it, and it’s exactly why we’re here to help! Making sure you have every box checked on your newborn checklist doesn’t have to be daunting. All it takes is some forethought and preparation to ensure that by the time baby arrives, the nursery is fully stocked.

So, what exactly do you need on your newborn checklist? We’ve compiled a list of our top six New Mum Essentials that you’ll want to have on hand for your baby’s first few months

1.  Cotton Breast Feeding Pads

Gentle on the environment (and your milk making machinery and tools!), these gorgeous cotton nursing pads are absorbent, eco-friendly and super soft, as well as being safe and chemical-free for nursing babies.

2.  The Hermosa Co Nipple Balm

Hand blended and made from all-natural ingredients, this enriched balm protects and soothes cracked and irritated nipples. Absolutely essential for both mum and bub, to ensure your breastfeeding journey is a pain-free one. 

3.   Fitted Bassinet Sheets

Bassinet sheets need to be washed frequently, so it’s handy to have three or four sets on hand. We have a stunning range of bassinet sheets made from fitted stretch jersey that are soft, lightweight and crease-free, not to mention adorable!

Best of all they double as change pad covers too - so you can easily coordinate your nursery!

4.   Cotton Baby Wraps & Swaddles

Ahh the good old baby wrap, is there any piece of baby kit more versatile?!

Ideal for swaddling, using as a blanket for the cot, shading the pram when out and about, or to cover yourself while feeding, an organic muslin or jersey cotton baby wrap will be your best post-partum friend! We have a HUGE range of cute colours and prints for every use!

5.   A Baby Keepsake Journal

When you bring baby home, the days will blur and time will fly, which is why it’s so important to immortalise and record those precious first days, weeks and months together. Our BABY Keepsake Journals are a beautiful ode to your baby’s arrival and will become a cherished keepsake to look back on in later years!

6.    Baby Play Mat

Not only will your baby be spending quite a bit of time on the floor, but it’s likely you will too. Make sure you have a quality baby play mat that you are comfortable spending a lot of time on. You’ll be surprised how often you’ll want to lay with your newborn for tummy time and… let’s be real, naps. (it’s ok, you’ve earned it).

You've Got This Mumma!

Honestly though, try not to stress too much about having everything perfect before your baby arrives. That might sound like the strangest advice ever, but the most important thing is that you and bub are nice and stress free in the lead up to birth.

So, sit down, put your feet up and stress less Mumma! Besides, if you forget something, there’s always online shopping, and our extensive range has you covered.

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November 10, 2020 — Vanessa Berryman