Brighten Up Baby's Space With Adorable Wall Art & Wall Decor

Between nursing, changing, sleeping and playing, it’s not just bub who’s looking at the nursery walls! Take boring walls from drab to fab with beautiful baby room decorations to create the perfect space for you and your baby.

Here are our favourite ways to decorate…

Nursery Wall Decals

Wall stickers add a splash of wow to any room design, not to mention easy to apply and a simple DIY. Our fabric decals use a unique glue technology that leave no sticky residue on 99% of surfaces, which means they can be applied and removed many times over! This makes it such a great alternative to wallpaper, as it is easy to change once they grow out of the theme.

Our leopard spots nursery wall decal is such a cute addition to any room, they come in 14 different colour options and make a great addition to a jungle nursery theme. If you are looking for something a little softer, then our bubbles nursery wall decals are divine. 


Mirrors make a clever addition to baby room decorations; they can make the space feel bigger, lighter and brighter. Introduce some fun and personalised shapes that your child can have for years to come.

Baby nursery mirrors don’t have to be boring, we offer lots of fun shapes that will suite any theme, like this butterfly mirror, and this rocket mirror. If that style won’t work for your décor, how about a fun personalised letter mirror like this one?

Felt Flowers 

Bring nursery walls to life with gorgeous handmade felt flowers. Mix and match colours and sizes to compliment your existing décor. From sunflowers, to roses, to daisies, there’s a bloom for every room.

Our two favourites felt wall flowers are the Sunflower and Daisy, these two will bring happiness to any room. And both come in more colours than we can count, so it will fit in with any nursery themes you have in mind.

Prints and Artwork

The simplest way to liven up baby room decorating is by adding some framed prints to the walls. Express your child’s nature through imagery and colours with these stunning nursery prints. A Bunny and Her Bow is a favourite for adding a nice feminine to touch to the room, while Euca the Koala is perfect for an Australiana nursery theme. Euca even comes in a warm or cool tone, so you can match it perfectly with other nursery décor. 

Kids Wall Clocks

Hanging wall clocks in your child’s nursery not only adds a touch of colour and fun to their space, it can also be practical in helping your little one learn to tell them time (and a great tool to remind them when it’s bedtime!). For babies, a cute wall clock can help mum keep an eye on feeding and change times overnight. Our absolute favourites would have to be this elephant clock, and this dainty little bamboo flower clock.

There are so many fun ways to decorate a nursery, take a look at our other baby room decorations here.


November 11, 2020 — Vanessa Berryman