Let Little Ones Learn Through Pretend Play

You’ve probably noticed just how observant your little one is. Always imagining, doing and mimicking. Have you seen your child pretend to lull their baby doll to sleep, or fight dragons and knights whilst jumping around the room? Pretend play is essential in developing skills such as language, complex thinking, social and emotional skills as well as nurturing the imagination.

Encouraging your child to engage in pretend play is a great way to ensure they are developing their skills as much as possible. You can help to initiate pretend play by putting together a prop box at home that your little one can use.

We’ve put together a list of our top pretend play objects to spark creativity and imagination in your little ones:

The OLLI ELLA Dinkum Doll Hairbrush: 

Allow your little one to define their motor skills while playing with a dolls hair brush, this is a great pretend play for learning about pressure and being ‘gentle’.

OLLI ELLA Dinkum Doll - Nyla Change Basket

This doll change basket can be a great tool to add to the fantasy of caring for toys. It is also versatile in pretend play as it can be used as a bed, change basket, or serving tray!


Not only is this adorable wheeled basket a favourite among many toddlers for wheeling toys around, but this is also a great way to help your child learn about chores. See if you can let them help out with the weekly shopping in their basket! Warning… that task may require some patience.

Tiny Harlow Rattan Dolls Furniture

These ethically handmade rattan and cane pieces offer a world of possiblities and hours of pretend play fun. From bassinets and change tables to high chairs and trolleys made in miniature for dolls, the heirloom quality of each piece makes this range destined to become a family favourite that will be handed down to the next baby once your little one has grown.

Olli Ella Holdie Doll House

A doll house and pretend play go hand in hand. But what we love about this one, is that it’s lightweight enough to be carried around by a toddler, which makes it all the more fun.

Wooden Toy Camera - Terracotta Chip

Our toy wooden camera makes such a great prop for pretend play. Although made of Australian natural pine, it even has moving parts for a more interactive experience.

Kids Vintage Suitcases

With an adorable vintage suitcase in hand, your child can pretend they are going anywhere in the world! This is a great way to extend the imagination beyond the home. They are also a fantastic way to store your little one’s toys away neatly.

Olli Ella Holdie Folk - Daisy

If you haven’t heard of the ‘Olli Ella Holdie Folk’ prepare to become as obsessed as we are. They are such a cute range of little dolls, and the perfect addition to all of your props. Collect them all and your child will have a village to play with! Daisy is one of our favourites, but there are any others to choose from.

Ready To Get Imaginative With Play?

We hope you adore these props for pretend play as much as we do! If you would like to search for more options to let your child imagination run wild, take a look at our other products: https://petitluxebebe.com.au/collections/pretend-play


November 13, 2020 — Vanessa Berryman