When it comes to designing a nursery, there are a plethora of avenues you can go down in order to create a designated space for your little one. While it all comes down to a matter of taste, if you are looking to really be thoughtful about the whole process and creating a space that not only suits the rest of the home but will also be able to be changed and upgraded simply over the years, then there are certain tips to follow.

Going with more natural, earthy tones that match the rest of the interior of your home for your colour scheme is always wise. This can be from the paint on the walls, to any freezes, nursery wall art and furniture. If you want to distinguish it, then using a similar colour palette with softer tones is always a wise idea. Colours can have a big impact on the emotions of a person, even a baby, so using soft and calming colours is preferable.

For décor, rather than painting designs or friezes, add dynamics to the room by using a range of textures. Nursery wall art is a great way to add dimensions to the walls and with toys and furniture, using different textures can aid with exploration as your little one grows.

Different material rugs, cushions and blankets is another way to achieve this. You want them to be using their senses and by having a range of dynamics in the room creates this kind of space.

Gender neutral colours never miss so as your little one grows you can just change up simple things to their taste, which is another advantage of using nursery wall art.

Just switch it up over time so whether your little one is going to be using the nursery for years to come or if you may use it for another baby in the future; having versatile and customisable décor will come in handy.

Nursery Design Do’s and Don’ts

Putting together your nursery can be a combination of stressful and exciting, especially for first time parents so to make the process easier, here are some tips to follow.

One way to guide your decorating is to pick a theme or style concept. This can help you pick the perfect colour palette, the type of furniture for the room and even the nursery wall art.

Base your ideas too around your textiles, like your curtains and bedding, that way you can be sure your colour paint matches those perfect curtains or baby bedding that you have fallen in love. Think about the little things, like decorating the ceiling. Babies spend so much time lying on their back so having an engaging ceiling for them to look up with aid in stimulating them and will help settle them.

When designing the room, remember the importance of function too. Ensure you have a suitable changing station set up, that has a place to store sanitary items to keep the room clean. The last thing you want to be doing is stumbling around the room in the middle of night, changing or feeding your little one and have a cluttered and hazardous space to manoeuvre through.

Things to also be mindful of is to not use harsh lighting or forget to baby proof the nursery. Harsh lighting can overwhelm a little one’s senses, we want to make the space a calming place and baby proofing is also important for their safety.

Don’t forget to also create a space that can be versatile and/or grow with your little one. Interchangeable nursery wall art, easy to change fixtures and just not over stocking on all the gimmicky baby nursery products will ensure that your little one’s space is a place of calm and peace for years to come.

Choosing Your Nursery Colour Scheme

Picking a colour scheme can seem like a complicated process at first but there are ways to narrow down your selection. Depending on whether you are wanting a gender-neutral space or not, softer colours are always a great option.

Soothing shades help create a peaceful and calming environment, but if you are wanting that pop of colour, you can always use furniture, textiles, nursery wall art or other decorations to create a bold accent.

Making the space balanced and not so overwhelming is a great place to start when picking your colours, as well as designing around the textiles you decide on. When it comes to nursery wall art, either use it as an accent point or way to further solidify the theme of the room.

Ultimately, colour schemes are something that can be deeply personal, but it is something worth being picky about. No matter what your theme, style or personal preference, you are creating a space for your child and at the end of the day, as long as it is safe, functional and a place that both you and your baby feel secure, then that is all that matters.

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November 06, 2020 — Vanessa Berryman