Keepsake Boxes For Little People

When your baby is first born, you are so busy just being a mum that the time just seems to fly by. And we get it, trying to keep another human alive and well is busy work! But one day when you actually get a chance to catch your breath and reminisce, it can be nice to have something to look back on. In comes the memory box…

It’s the latest craze in the parenting world right now, and we have to say we kind of love it. In the age of the internet, your baby’s life is completely online since before they are even born. A nursery memory box is a great way to bring back the special real-life keepsakes and hold on to physical memories. You might also know this is a treasure box or keepsake box for kids.

What is a memory box?

A memory box, or baby treasure box is somewhere that you keep personal things for your child, so that you can both look back at it later in life and reminisce. You start with a beautiful designated box, like these velvet cases, and fill it with sentimental items that will spark happy memories from their childhood. It’s a great way to have something other than digital memories to share with them as they get older.

What goes in a memory box?

A memory box is not for store-bought items and gifts, it’s for everything that has a memory attached. Things like that beanie grandma made that they refused to take off for 6 months, or the teddy bear they loved to death even though the stuffing had all fallen out.

The items within should be designed to trigger memories from your kid’s childhood so that you can have those memories together forever. Try not to put every single thing in the box though, it can be easy to fill it up that way. Just choose the items that will make for a great memory. You may also want to put a keepsake book that you have filled out in there too.

Tip: To save space, don’t put the entire item in the box. A small patch of their favourite blanky will be enough of a reminder.

Here are some more ideas on what to put in the box:

  • - Their favourite toy
  • - A lock of hair
  • - Their first tooth
  • - That piece of clothing they wear to death
  • - Footprints or handprints
  • - Keepsake book/pregnancy journal

You can also keep the box going as they get older, and put in things like a school award, or a friendship bracelet from the first friend they made. It’s such a great thing to go through together later in life.

You’ll want to make sure you choose a special box, that is quite big so that it can be added to for years to come. Here are some great boxes that we have available to get you started. We hope we have inspired you to make memories with your little one that you can treasure for a lifetime.

August 17, 2020 — Vanessa Berryman