When it comes to buying a gift for your pregnant friend, it can be hard to decide on what to get. Do you go for practical, or unique? Something for the baby, or the mum to be? We decided to make it really easy for you (and our fellow mumma’s) by putting together a list of our favourite gifts in each category.

Practical baby gift ideas

 Baby Bibs – Although you might not be the only one to buy a bib, you can never have too many. Babies are messy little things, so buying your friend some spares is a safe bet. We have so many cute designs in our range, so your gift won’t seem boring either.

 Baby Wraps – This is another safe idea that will certainly get used. If you haven’t had a baby yourself, you might be surprised (or not so surprised) to learn that babies soil themselves a lot… like multiples times a day. Only a parent knows the feeling of just getting your bub clean from the last accident, only to have it happen again moments later… you can’t have too many baby wraps.

Unique gift ideas

Funny Things My Kids Say (journal) – For all of the cute things they say as they are growing up that you don’t want to forget! A nice and light memory book, for recording the good bits without all the extra things you never seem to get around to writing down anyway.

Milestone Cards – These are such a cute idea for new mums, and a great way for them to make sure they are snapping all of the important milestones for their baby. Being a mum to a new born can be hectic, and these milestone cards allow you to make sure you are documenting the special moments.

Gift ideas for the baby

Deluxe Beechwood Baby Play Gym – If you want to be a really, REALLY good friend, then this is the gift for you. Not only will it keep bub entertained for hours, but it is stylish enough to go with any home décor theme. Win, win!

Quality Wooden Toys – Wooden toys are such a great idea for babies, they are organic and safe to play with while still looking super cute around the home. Our favourite is this wooden koala puzzle.

Gift ideas for the mum to be

When trying to think of a baby shower gift, it can be easy to focus solely on the baby and forget about the mum to be. Chances are your pregnant friend is going to get a lot of cute baby clothes, but not everyone will think of getting something for her. We actually have a whole store category, just for this. But our favourites are…

The Hermosa Co Nipple Balm – Perfect for a breastfeeding mumma. It soothes the nipples and it’s safe for bub to get in their mouth. Breastfeeding can be painful for some mums, and having a cream handy can help make the process a little nicer.

Breastfeeding Affirmation & Milestone Cards – Because breastfeeding is a journey all on it’s own… these cute cards are a daily reminder that you are capable of getting through it.

Is there anything I shouldn’t buy an expecting mum?

Unless you have clear direction about a theme, steer clear of buying nursery décor. This is quite personal, and if an exact theme has been decided by your friend it might be awkward if your cute tiger pillow doesn’t quite go with her princess theme.

You should also try to find out any preferences that mum might have for her bub, as some mothers might have decided not to breastfeed or give their baby a dummy.

But as they say, it’s the thought that counts, and we are sure she will love your gift all the same. Just try not to be offended if your teddy bear isn’t the front and centre display next time you pop over. This is all about her and bub, and she got gifted 10 cute teddies’ so probably she can’t remember which one is yours…

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August 13, 2020 — Vanessa Berryman