Wooden Toy Camera - Rustic Natural


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Designed and hand made in Australia from natural pine timber coated with Livos Oil, with a cotton strap for a soft finish.

The Wooden Cameras come equipped with moveable parts, a turnable mode dial and lens, and also a small view finder for your little adventurer to capture the world around them. 

Livos oil is a all-natural, non-toxic, biodegradable product, based on renewable raw plant material. They are environmentally responsible, non-polluting, ecologically friendly, and emit no harmful substances.

As this is a handcrafted product slight variations may occur. Each piece will have its own unique features, and no two are alike.

Please Note: this camera is for children aged 3 and up and is not to be used as a teether or a chew toy. Always monitor children while playing with toys that have small attachment parts. They could become loose overtime and become a choking hazard.