Peaceful Mama Intentions Card Bundle



The Peaceful Mama Cards are a beautiful gift for the new Mum or Mum to be!

They are a must-have tool for any parent looking for a quick reference guide to approach parenthood more thoughtfully.

Included with each Bundle is:

  •  A Pack of 33 Peaceful Mama Cards
  • A Handmade Organic-Linen carry bag
  • A Handcrafted Pinewood Stand 
  • Lovingly Packaged in a beautifully branded box.

Beautifully designed and written, they can be used as part of one’s daily ritual to set parenting and self-awareness intentions for the day. They can also be used as a quick -reference tool to shed light on a certain challenge, find a mantra or shift perspective. With time, these cards become part of one’s inner dialogue to assist mothers in becoming more mindful, and calm - in even the most challenging times.

Each card beckons you to travel inward. This journey of discovering presence gives way to the unstitching of layers that once define who you are. New mindfulness enables you to realign with your intuition, integrating your body and your mind. Peaceful Mama Cards offer perspective and encourage you to embrace the ebb and flow that is Motherhood.

We hope through using Peaceful Mama Cards, you will step into your courage, find inspiration, seek guidance and clarity, and embrace the lessons of Motherhood.

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Leticia Sparks
Peaceful mama cards

I loved the cards and packaging. Shipping was timely and lovely service. Would purchase from this store again xx