Spark Imaginations with Our Gorgeous Baby Nursery Wall Art & Decor

Decorating your nursery ready for bub’s arrival? We have a beautiful range of wall art and décor available here at Petit Luxe Bebe. Add some eye-catching artwork to brighten up your baby’s nursery or play space. Our range includes handmade wall art, gorgeous laser-cut acrylic mirrors and sweet personalised products that are just perfect for adding some colour to plain, old boring walls.

Growing up is such a magical time full of building your child’s imagination and surrounding them with love. Your little one’s room is a warm, cosy place where they learn to rest and play, all while being watched over by their doting parents! This is where they’ll spend most of their time, and it will also help to shape them into who they’re going to be. You can adapt the style to their tastes as your little one grows older. Take a look through our gorgeous selection to get started.

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Give the Room a Makeover with Baby’s Nursery Wall Deco

From boho to tribal, floral and everything in between, we have baby nursery wall art to complement your existing theme or colour scheme. We carry an adorable range of prints & artwork, along with decals and stylish rattan furnishings and mirrors.

Whatever theme you’re going for, we’ve got you covered with all the accessories you need. Get creative and decorate to your heart’s content to suit your child’s interests and personality. From butterflies, flowers and cherry blossoms for girls, to rockets, robots, clouds and leaves for boys, we have just the thing to make your child’s play space all the more special. Our stars and woven moon hangings are just gorgeous, and we also have anchor decals and shell mirrors for a beachy, seaside theme.

For something extra special, we have customised name plagues and wreaths which add a personalised touch to your child’s room – helping to build their sense of identity and ownership over the room. Imagine the way their eyes will light up once they recognise their very own name on the door or shelf – it’s a priceless reaction that you’ll cherish forever. These plaques are made to order with a range of designs to choose from – with hearts, stars, butterflies, crowns or leaves. Complete the look with beautiful bedding and some handy storage baskets, and you’re all set to go.

Decorating Couldn’t Be Easier When You Buy Online

Getting ready for bub’s arrival has never been more special or fun with our gorgeous range from Petit Luxe Bebe. This is such a special time, and we’re here with you every step of the way should you need our tips or assistance. Simply reach out and contact us online here.

With the convenience of Afterpay, you can decorate now and pay later. We also offer a flat rate postage of $9.95 Australia-wide, and FREE shipping on orders over $170 (excluding furniture or bulky items) – so it’s never been easier to get started.