3 Tips for Choosing the Best Nursery Wall Art

A nursery is an important place for your little one’s development. Choosing your child’s nursery art is an exciting process and sometimes a little overwhelming. So, here are some tips and tricks for inspiration so that you can achieve the nursery of your dreams on any budget.

Choose a Theme

Themed nursery wall art can be a great way to tie your nursery together. You’ll find lots of inspiration for themed nursery wall art here at Petit Luxe Bebe. A theme can be something as simple as a particular colour or colour scheme. You can also decorate around a particular style - for example, a nautical theme or a whimsical one.

Another option is to find a piece of nursery wall art you really like and plan your theme around that. If you are finding it hard to commit to a specific theme, don’t worry. We have a wide range of nursery artwork and pieces that you can easily mix and match to create the nursery you want. But it can be helpful to have a bigger picture in mind, too.


Playing with different textures is a great way to make your nursery wall art stand out. So, along with wallpaper and wall decals, you can get creative with other pieces. For example, clocks are a great way to break up the space and are practical.

You can step up your game by matching furniture and textiles, too. You can also match fabrics to nursery wall art pieces. Another tip is to match picture frames to the colour or material of other pieces of furniture. This is an easy way to make your nursery look more cohesive and polished.


It is important to remember that this will be your child’s bedroom for several years. The nursery wall art you choose should be appropriate for your child at different ages.

A good way to ensure your nursery wall art passes the test of time is to keep it simple. Keep visual and physical clutter to a minimum with only a few stand out pieces. It also helps to stick to a somewhat neutral colour scheme. You may prefer to stay away from particularly babyish pieces if you want to avoid redecorating. This might also mean that you can invest in fewer high-quality nursery art pieces too.

However, don’t let this stop you from having fun with it! The most important thing to remember is that this is a fun and exciting process. If you have fun choosing your nursery wall art, you’ll ensure that your little one will have fun in there too.

So, with those tips in mind, are you ready to find the best art for your nursery? Check us out at Petit Luxe Bebe. We stock nursery, wall or even personalised decor so if you’ve got something special in mind contact us and we’ll help make it a reality.

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Trust The Word Of Our Clientele

We might like you to take our word for it that we deliver exceptional quality customer service and supply premium-quality products for your nursery wall art in Australia but we know that our valued clientele can speak for themselves. Claire Tschaban reviewed us with ‘I just love the butterfly mirrors and felt flowers supplied by this company. Lovely for girl’s rooms. Great service too’ while Jennifer GunaPandian said ‘absolutely loved the Mirror Name Plaque. Vanessa was very quick in responding to my questions and emails! Their delivery time was perfect as promised! The finish and quality of the product is excellent too! Would highly recommend. Thanks again Vanessa!’ Another testimonial that is a testament to our exceptional customer service and quality products is from Sonya Bogovac with ‘I am OBSESSED with the quality of this store. Their response time for communication and shipping is super speedy. Their products are continuously outstanding. My daughter's have their large velvet storage cases and the canopy. Thank you for having such a high standard with your products. Can't recommend you enough’. One of our valued team members, Vanessa receives exceptional testimonials for her quality customer service with Tahleah Sidebottom reviewing Petit Luxe Bebe with ‘cannot recommend Petit Luxe Bebe enough! Vanessa has been an absolute pleasure to deal with and the quality of the products is amazing. Will definitely be shopping with them on a regular basis!’ For baby shower gifts and other nursery wall art as well as kids room wall art and decorations, Maree Santarossa gave a review of us for ‘Sunday baby shower saviour! After buying a gift voucher for a baby shower which started in 1.5 hours I realised I had misspelt my email & I text the website mobile in a panic because I wasn't receiving the vouchers. I thought it's Sunday and no one would answer. 5mins & Vanessa the owner text back & sorted me out. woohoo. I loved Vanessa's service. Thank you’.

How To Pick Nursery Room Art

It can be a stressful time but definitely an exciting one too as you prepare for the birth of a baby boy or girl. Picking nursery room art is one aspect of the preparation for the newcomer into the world and picking nursery room art is an art in itself. Aside from shopping for clothes, furniture, prams and other essential items for your baby, nursery room art is one of the fun and exciting things to do. Decorating the nursery with nursery room art and furniture including the cot is fun and painting the walls a neutral colour if you don’t know the gender of your baby is also one aspect of preparing for your newborn. Choose furniture and nursery room art that will last the time and be adaptable and gender-neutral. Or if you know the gender of your baby, try picking nursery room art that is complementary to the gender whether it is a boy or a girl you’re expecting. Choosing prints for your nursery room art is one way to decorate the nursery and choosing colourful prints that brighten up the room is effective. Creating the space is exciting and you want to pick nursery room art that will be durable as your baby won’t remain a bub for long.

What Are You Expecting?

You might not know whether you are expecting a baby boy or a baby girl so choosing gender-neutral nursery room art is one way to avoid clashes. From naming your baby to clothing and furniture and then there’s the toys, there’s a whole wonder for your baby boy or girl. You might be tempted to go for traditional nursery room art such as pink shades for a girl or blue for a boy if you know what you are expecting. Regardless of whether you’re having a baby boy or girl, picking the nursery room art and furniture is an exciting time. There are many options to choose from with prints and other décor for the nursery so you can be sure to find things you like at Petit Luxe Bebe. We have a full range of nursery room art and kids wall room art and we only stock premium-quality products which will bring a smile to your face and that of your child.
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