Small Bedroom? Decorating Ideas That Make Space

Does your child have a tiny bedroom that feels like a shoebox? Do you need quick and easy decorating solutions that can grow with your child and are cost effective too?  Here we explore some creative ways to expand your available space with our small bedroom decorating ideas.

Colour and Light in a Small Bedroom

Painting the walls with lighter colours gives the illusion of more space. Adding wallpaper or an emphasis colour to one feature wall rather than whole bedroom gives an area dimension without taking over. Mirrors reflect light and make the area appear twice as big. Tall mirrored doors on wardrobes are an easy way to achieve this.  Install slimline roller or roman blinds on the windows rather than curtains to save bulk. Blinds are smooth and sleek compared to a pencil pleat curtain and are less imposing on the interior space. Blinds also allow you to easily change the level of natural light in the room.

Floor plan

Positioning essential bedroom furniture is important to make the most out of your small bedroom decorating ideas and maximise the space you have. It’s tempting to put the bed against one wall and the desk in the corner to give more space in the middle of the room, but is that the best solution for your child? Do they use the floor space for playing or just ‘storing’ clothes and toys? Don’t be afraid of floor to ceiling wardrobes as they utilise all the space available and create a handy stash for storing seasonal items like doonas or winter clothes when not in use. Choosing sliding doors over hinged doors on closets can give you an extra bit of space to play with. You can then place a desk or bed close to the door without having to leave room for the door to swing open.

Dual Purpose Furniture

Source furniture that serves more than one purpose, like a bed with a trundle or drawers underneath, or a desk with storage drawers below and shelves above. A loft bed with a desk beneath makes double use of the footprint.  Floor coverings are important when decorating small bedrooms. Hard floors like tiles or floorboards are functional but create echoes, so consider a road map rug for example to insulate little feed from chilly floors and create a great play space all while reducing the reverberating noise level.

Storage for Small Bedrooms

Storage of toys, clothes, shoes, books and other important items can be a challenge. It’s a good idea to create a place for everything, so everything be returned to its place and not clutter up what precious space is available. This is where the drawers under the bed and that extra shelf on the top of the wardrobe prove their worth.

Other small bedroom storage ideas include

Door hangers with pockets for shoes or clothes,

  •  Door hangers with pockets for shoes or clothes,
  •  Hooks for bags or hats,
  •  Cubic storage shelves for just about anything. Small items can be placed in baskets and treasures can be on display,
  •   A noticeboard is a cost effective way to keep important papers from being misplaced.

Decorating tips for a small bedroom

Decorating a room can easily blow any budget but we have listed some tips to saving money yet still creating a wow space.

  •  Choose signature pieces or special interest items, then select cheaper fill items, like a great themed doona matched with basic sheets in a contrasting colour.
  • Don't forget to keep it personal if you want your child to love their little room.  Personalised door plaques, comfortable cushions and even a personalised night light can make their room into their own special haven, without cluttering things up!
  • Wall decorations are an easy way to make a kids room more interesting. And they don’t have to cost the earth either! A personalised wall art hanging instantly gives ownership of the space to the child.  
  • Open shelves on a plain coloured or wallpapered wall are a simple way to display treasured toys or knick-knacks without taking up precious floor space, and the display can easily change as your child grows, or changes their mind!

The most important factor when decorating small bedrooms is to be inspired, and begin! Why not start with these small bedroom decorating ideas this weekend?

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June 18, 2018 — Vanessa Berryman