As your nursery starts to fill up with all of the necessary items for the impending arrival of your bundle of joy, it can be tricky to find a place to put everything. So where do you put it all, from nappies and wipes to clothes and toys?

These nursery storage ideas will help you organize and store everything in a practical, functional, and aesthetic way.


These dreamy velvet storage cases can neatly conceal your little one’s most valued treasures now and safeguard their most cherished keepsakes for years to come. Cleverly crafted to keep clutter out of sight within their gorgeous velvet exteriors, the vintage-inspired trunks can be displayed separately or stacked together to really make a statement.

These sets have been built to last, meaning they'll do double duty as a blanket box, clothes storage, or toy box for years to come!


A nursery chest of drawers is a great way to store all of your nursery essentials in one place. Choose a chest of drawers with plenty of storage space so that you can organise everything neatly. For example, opt for a chest with a changing table attached if you need somewhere to change your baby's nappy.

The Petit Luxe Bebe stocks a range of storage options including drawers with additional features that can also include a:


A change table is a must-have for any nursery. Choose one that has plenty of storage space so you can store all of your nappies, wipes, spare cloths and other changing supplies. Some change tables also come with built-in drawers, ideal for storing clothes and other nursery items.

The Leander Linea Baby Change Table is an excellent option for low storage nurseries. Check it out here.


If you don't have the space to store toys or books in your nursery, you can use shelving to utilise your empty wall space. Choose shelves that are designed specifically for nurseries to maximise storage space. Opt for shelves with lots of compartments and baskets to store everything neatly.


A nappy bag is a great way to store your baby essentials, so they're not taking up space in the nursery. First, choose a nappy bag with plenty of compartments and pockets so that everything is organised and easy to find. Ensuring your nappy bag is fully stocked will also make getting out the door a lot quicker and keep the nursery from being cluttered with things that don't need to be in there.


Before you go out and buy any nursery storage:

  1. Take some time to consider what you actually need.
  2. Think about the items you use most often and try to find storage solutions that will accommodate these items.
  3. Don't clutter your nursery with unnecessary storage solutions - only buy what you need.

So there you have it. If your nursery storage options are limited, keep the above tips in mind to ensure you optimise your space while still keeping it functional and aesthetically pleasing. Make sure you check out the Petit Luxe Bebe furniture range and have fun with your styling.

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May 02, 2022 — Vanessa Berryman