Choosing the best linen for your baby's nursery

Who would have thought that there could be something psychological behind the baby linen you buy? But it’s true! Scientific studies have revealed how we respond to different colours and textures. And though these studies were performed on adults, a baby’s mind is growing daily and absorbs a lot. Colours can improve brain stimulation, mood, behaviour and even sleep! So when planning your nursery design, it might be worth thinking about how the colour of the baby linen you choose could promote a calm and soothing sanctuary for your little bundle of joy!

The best colours for baby linen


Pink represents unconditional love and compassion, and evokes feelings of comfort and warmth. Don’t overload the room with pink though, this can have the opposite effect. Pale and dusty shades of pink that are balanced out with different colours like white or grey can be very relaxing and calming.

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Just as though you’re floating on the water or lying on the grass looking up to the blue sky, blue tones are associated with openness, peace and tranquillity, a parent favourite because these things promote sleep. For the best effects with bub, opt for powder blue, aqua or a light shade of turquoise for a soft and calming feel.

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Grey promotes thought, it conjures up emotion and is very calming, but avoid dark grey as it won’t have the same effect. Use light grey or blue-grey with other colours.

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White can be very soothing when balanced out with other soft colour tones. It’s often best to avoid a stark white and opt for ivory and antique white instead. White also looks great when matched with earthy textures.

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Florals bring a statement of sophistication to a nursery or child’s room, particularly with white furniture and soft accents. Add hints of gold to the room, like our personalised name plaque, for understated luxury.

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The best textures for baby linen

At Petit Luxe Bebe, we stock baby linen using only the best fabrics and textures. Most of our baby linen products are cotton or made with cotton yarn. Cotton is a natural, breathable fibre means it provides aeration for baby. It’s also non-allergenic. Our Jersey Cotton Fitted Cot Sheets are a cotton variation but are soft, breathable, and perfect for the cooler months to provide comfort and warmth for baby.

We also love the fabric combination of our Hand Crocheted Ripple Blanket. It is made with cotton, Azlon and cashmere making it luxuriously soft. Azlon is made from natural products like soy, peanut, milk and corn, and cashmere is from the Cashmere Goat, a soft, warm, light and durable textile perfect for the comfort of babies.

When it comes to baby linen and dressing a nursery, centering the design around colours and textures that bring the most comfort and calm to your little one just makes sense! Best of all, finding the right linen could mean you have a content baby and a good sleeper. Fingers crossed!

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March 07, 2019 — Vanessa Berryman