It can be hard to know what a mother has kept from baby number one and what she needs for the incoming bundle of joy. Often, mothers are so busy entertaining their firstborn that they often forget the newborn essentials or what they will need for themselves postpartum. Nobody wants to be the friend harassing a stressed and exhausted mother on what she does and doesn't need.

Women pull out their hair with the stress and pressure of sorting gifts for a baby sprinkle. The last thing you want to do is trigger an emotional pregnant woman with a useless gift she may already have. So please don't risk it.

Whether you're shopping for a baby sprinkle or you're a mother struggling to direct friends on items you need for your second bub, we've put together a list of baby sprinkle gift ideas that can't go wrong.


A birth announcement plaque is a beautiful keepsake to cherish. It's a sentimental gift that will be loved even when a baby has grown up. It's also a fabulous prop for all that pregnancy & baby spam we all know is coming


Once a baby has arrived, it doesn't take long to realise just how fast they grow. From their first tooth, crawling, walking, and everything in between. So capturing weekly, monthly & yearly snaps of babies will be the baby sprinkle gift that keeps on giving. 

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A Baby Book is an ideal baby sprinkle gift to offer an expecting mum. They'll never miss a milestone or forget a special moment with a keepsake baby book.


We get it. Babies and kids make a mess. From baby's milky vomits to dropped sippy cups and that rogue wee (oops!). So it's nice to replace the stained and smelly playmat used and abused by the older sibling.


Hand-me-down sheets are fine. You know, apart from the stains, thinning, and over-washing from the older sibling. A cot sheet set will never go unappreciated for a second time, mum, making it a perfect baby sprinkle gift.

Now, remember that baby sprinkle gifts aren't limited to items solely for the baby. A 2nd, 3rd, or 4th-time mum deserves something too. So if you're stuck with what to buy for the baby, ditch all of your ideas so far and let's spoil Mumma bear.


Baby sprinkles are typically held towards the end of the expectant mothers' pregnancy, so chances are she is exhausted. Spoil her with a pregnancy or foot massage.

If you're worried about the budget for a baby sprinkle gift, there's something you can offer the expectant mother that doesn't cost a cent and would most likely be her favourite gift of the day.


Take the kids off her hands and set Mumma free. Not to scare any expectant mums, but it might be her last chance at freedom for several weeks, if not months. Set the day, don't let her feel guilty, and set her loose.

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