The Flower Box - MAXI - Create Your Own Custom Floral Wall Decals!



Create your own unique floral nursery decals with The Flower Box!

Hand drawn by Blond Noir's in house designer, and produced in their studio on the Gold Coast, Australia!

All of your favorite flowers have been made in to removable, reusable floral wall decals that you can even collect over time! 

Choose from Peonies, Roses, Anemones, Hydrangea, Camilla and more 

How it works:
Your Flower Box is completely customised to you!

Choose your flowers, add leaves (or not!) You can even make a flower garden or flower wall by using our stem-vines! These are the perfect floral wall decals for any space!

Your pack is buildable from as little as a single flower, so that you can get as little or as many as you like, making them suitable for all budgets. You can even build up your collection over time!

1. Pick your flower size – Small, medium, large or maxi. You can choose a mix of sizes too!
2. Pick your flowers!
3. Add each set (that will make up your total pack) to the cart separately.
4. Add on a cool or warm leaf and / or a vine-stem pack!

That’s it! You’ve made your own custom floral wall decal set!

This listing is for 1 x MAXI FLOWER - see add ons below that are available for purchase within our Wall Decals collection to create your own custom set

Sets & Sizing:
Maxi $65: The Maxi set comes as 1 individual flower, measuring approx 50-55 cm at its longest point.
Large $55: The large set comes as 1 individual flower measuring approx 35-40 cm at its longest point.
Medium $45: The medium set comes as 2 flowers. The size for each flower will be approx 20-25 cm at its longest point.
Small $45: The small set comes as 4 flowers. The size for each flower will be approx 10-15 cm at its longest point.

Add on Leaves, Stems & Vines HERE
Large Leaves $20: The large leaves come with two in a pack and measure 18 cm at their longest point.
Medium Leaves $20: The medium leaves come with 4 in a pack and measure 9 cm at their longest point.
Small Leaves $20: The small leaves come with eight in a pack and measure 5 cm at their longest point.
Vines-Stems $20: The stem-vines come with 4 strands measuring 17 cm and 4 strands measuring 21 cm. We call them stem-vines because they can be displayed as either stems or vines.

All stems-vines and leaves come in cool or warm green. You can also choose to mix cool and warm together in one pack.

Flower Selection:
See the Flower Box gallery above to select your favourite flowers!

Please note that not all screens are created equally and therefore there may be some variance in colour between your screen and the final printed product.

Custom made:
Because each set is custom made there will be variances between packs. The flowers are sized to fit the media and will be made to the maximum allowable size to fit your personal pack.