Delilah Wall Decals


Create your very own floral wonderland!

Our Delilah Florals are photographed floral elements. Each element was photographed, digitalised and made in to decals by Blonde + Noir's in-house designer – making them totally unique!

The Large Delilah Pack comes as 6 x (60 x 50 cm) sheets:
6 x Large flowers ranging from 50 – 45 cm
12 x Leaf elements

The Medium Delilah Pack comes as 3 x (60 x 50 cm) sheets:
12 x Medium flowers ranging from 25 – 15 cm
12 x Leaf elements

    Our Delilah Florals are a mix of whites, champagne, dusty pink

    Please note: Our decals adhere to most clean, smooth surfaces. There may be some surfaces and paints that reject low-tack decals. If you are unsure if our decals will work in your space, we suggest ordering a sample pack to test on your surface, prior to purchasing a larger decal pack

    The Delilah Sample pack comes with 2 – 3 flowers approximately 5- 7.5 cm and 1-3 leaves approximately 5 cm in length.

    Our sample packs have been designed to help take the guess work out of buying our decals. They come with a few of the elements from the larger packs and are designed to ensure that our decals will 1. work on your surface and 2. that the colours are right for your space. We suggest you order a Sample Pack before any full pack order, as our decals are unable to be returned once opened.


    Our Fabric Decals use a unique glue technology that leaves no sticky residue on 99% of surfaces! You can use them on virtually any smooth, flat surface! They can be applied, removed and reused many times over! They won’t tear or crease and if the glue side is accidentally scrunched up it can simply be pulled apart with no damage to the decal. The glue on fabric decals needs to remain clean for them to adhere to your surface!

    It is important to remember that even though we bring you the kindest decals on the market, wall damage can occur if your walls have not been adequately primed, are in decline or if the application / removal process is rough.

    If you are unsure which decals are the right fit for you, simply order one of our sample packs to test them out!