Breastfeeding Affirmation & Milestone Cards

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Breastfeeding can be a difficult journey at times. Although it can be very beneficial and rewarding, it can also be ruthless and relentless both physically and emotionally. Our Made to Milk Breastfeeding Affirmation & Milestone cards are your daily reminder that you are learning this skill with your baby and to take each day (and each feed!) as it comes. A mindful way to access the power of positive programming and start each day with strength and self-assurance.

Place the pack on your bedside table, in your nappy bag or wherever you normally feed. Aim to turn a new card over each day, read aloud and embrace its message.

The more you tell yourself something, the more you believe it, and ultimately the more you live by it.

Each affirmation is a tiny fist-pump to yourself: a reminder that you are one capable mama. No matter what today brings: believe us when we say 'you’ve got this'!

Turn each card over and you have a milestone celebration of your feeding experience. Get excited for every new month that passes and the journey will become an exciting and exhilarating experience.

Each pack contains:

1 x Calico drawstring bag with beautiful gold print
1 x Cover Card
25 x Breastfeeding Affirmations
25 x Breastfeeding Milestones (1 week, 1 month, 2 months, 3 months etc.)
2 x Summary Affirmation & Milestone Cards listing all affirmations and milestones

A beautiful baby shower gift, or encouraging gift to a new mumma beginning their breastfeeding journey

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