Australian Pregnancy Milestone Cards


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Use these unique Australian themed milestone cards to capture beautiful photos throughout your pregnancy journey. Their simple, elegant design makes them a perfect gender-neutral option. Designed with Native Australian Florals and distinctive Australian slang and phrases! You beauty!

This set includes 32 cards. All are handmade and printed on thick, 250gsm matte photo paper. Packaged beautifully they also make a great Baby Shower gift.

Included Cards:

+ 12 weeks - 40 weeks (including the sayings: crikey! blimey! strewth! fair dinkum!)
+ We are gonna be parents, you bloody rippa!
+ Today we heard your heartbeat
+ Today we saw your fanny
+ Today we saw your willy
+ Today I felt your hiccups
+ Today I felt you kick me
+ We can’t bloody wait to meet you
+ I cant stop buying you things
+ Today is my baby shower
+ Hospital bag is all packed
+ Finally your nursery is finished
+ Today is my due date
+ Today I’m having a cesarean
+ Today I’m being induced
+ Your coming home outfit
+ Our first family photo
+ G’day world I’m finally here